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Hey there, welcome to my creative page!


My name is Sabrina and I'm passionated to help you to get an exciting jacket for your weddingday!

To keep you warm, to let you shine and to transform you to a fashion forward bride!


I'm a full-time artist and love to paint, to create anything. In my whole house you can breath my creativity through the years.


Back in 2017 I started painting jackets as a hobby, but there where more and more brides-to-be who wanted to have a rocking jacket of their own, it lights my fire!

So from this year 2020 I started as a artepreneur, Covid was neither my friend, but I could paint and design a lot of jackets. Let's hope next years will Bloom and Flourish with a lot of Rocking Brides in jackets with flowers and/or only  name or quote. I love to explore more techniques, more combinations, give me that challenge.



For example the design at the jacket I showed here (without date).

- (vegan) leather jacket, or suede jacket PAINTED Price €350,-

- denim jacket PAINTED Price: €350,-

- denim jacket PRINTED Price: €150,-  (you can choose from several designs)

   Printed next ones for your bride's crew each €50,- to €100,- 




Let's connect, give me your ideas, wishes and I will give you sketches and different prices. When it fits you, we can go into this adventure and I will take you by your hand with work in progress photo's and a open mind communication.


You send me your jacket or I'll buy one for you and I will deliver in 3 - 6 months.

Soon you can order via the webshop.

Soon the website will be in English too, but here you have information in a nutshell.


Can I offer you a well painted and waterproof jacket? Or do you have some questions? Please let's connect!